Adelle and Debbie at work

Adelle and Debbie (our mother-daughter design team) spent this week here on the farm crafting a new Chèvre flavor that is amazing. 

Adelle brought back spices that she selected from stalls in the Medina in Marrakesh during her recent trip to Morocco, and they worked with different combinations of spice blends and assorted fruits mixed into our Chèvre and created a number of promising recipes.

But, one was so remarkable that it was immediately added to our menu of Chèvre - we've named that new flavor "Moroccan Date".

At least, I think that is what we've named it.  Somebody here at the dairy thinks that name might be a little mundane.

Anyway, Moroccan Date is our fresh Chèvre infused with an all-natural blend of spices from Marrakesh and California dates.

I had a taste of this new flavor while it was still early-on in development, when it was just the spices.  That was really good.  But, the addition of dates in the recipe was a spectacular change. 

This Chèvre is quite distinct from our others.  It has our usual creamy and smooth texture, and a soft ochre color. The Moroccan blend of spices is quite lively, and the addition of dates added a very pleasant sweetness – and the combination has an after-taste that is truly a pleasure.  


Snack time - goat milk Latte and Chèvre on toasted bagel

Today, after snack break of Latte (with our fresh Goat milk) and toasted bagels with our Traditional Chèvre, Debbie and Adelle did some fine-tuning and then documented the final ingredients and process for the recipe.

Moroccan Date

I am really looking forward to hearing what our merry band of taste testers thinks about this flavor!