The Kiggens family farm becomes a goat creamery and store!


In 2001, we purchased the South Fork Nursery and Ryckman ranch located on the South Fork of the Wild and Scenic Kern River.

Wild and Scenic South Fork of the Kern River

Over a two year period, we converted the nursery building and garages to open Sequoia Studios and planted 72 apple and peach trees to begin our new family farm - How 'Bout Them Apples (named by our daughter Karra).

In the Spring of 2013, we added 16 chickens to the farm and began selling fresh farm eggs to local customers.  In the Fall of 2014, we began discussing how converting the farm and retail store building to a goat creamery and store could be an excellent fit for both our family and the local market.

In the Spring of 2015, Debbie created the formal business plan and successfully applied for a micro loan from the Farm Services Agency - and Fairy Mountain Farms was launched!

We specialize in artisanal cheese.

A farmstead creamery uses only milk from their own farm, and artisanal cheesemaking means that the cheese is hand-crafted.

Our herd is comprised of award-winning, registered Nubian goats (American Diary Goat Association) that produce milk that is simply delicious.

From this milk, we make fresh, soft Chèvre (cheese made from goat’s milk) that is smooth and creamy. Debbie Kiggens, our cheesemaker, uses this to hand-craft our variety of flavored Chèvre recipes.

We will begin making aged and hard cheeses in the Summer of 2016.

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Great Goats

Our Mission

We will remain farmstead and artisanal, growing only as fast as we can while still maintaining our high standards for health and quality for everything that lives on the farm and the products that we produce.



Our Values

There are no short-cuts in producing exceptional cheese.

The creamery is a seven day work week, each of which begins before sunrise and ends well after sunset.

Our goats live in a clean paddock, and enjoy fresh food and water.

The morning and evening milking operation handles both goats and milk with care.

Daily cheesemaking focuses on consistent, high quality for every batch and recipe and a general obsession with cleanliness.

Our goats are on a certified 'closed herd' health program.


Sabine is Introduced

Our Solution

We begin with amazing milk from our healthy, happy goats.

Wherever possible, our creamery uses fresh, locally grown products.

Our herd is comprised of award-winning, registered Nubian goats.

They breathe clear, clean mountain air, and drink fresh, cool water from our well.

They eat fresh, locally grown alfalfa provided by Creighton Farms, and grains and minerals from our two local feed stores; Country Living Feed and Supply and Kern River Feed and Hay.

They receive exemplary health care courtesy of Twin Oaks Veterinary.

Our flavored cheeses are made with locally grown, organic, farm-fresh fruits, honey, vegetables and spices from Onyx Family Farms.