Fairy Mountain Farms at the Ridgecrest Farmer's Market

(Fairy Mountain Farms at the Ridgecrest Farmer's Market)

The reception for our new goat milk lotions and soaps has been so exciting for us!

It is such a pleasure to have already heard directly from many of you that the exceptional milk from our goats is allowing us to create remarkable lotion and soaps.  One of the most important things that we have already learned is that we really need your feedback and suggestions so that we can make products that you would most enjoy.

We've very busy creating lotion and soap, preparing for our 2016 schedule of Farmer's Markets and events.  We look forward to seeing you there and also hope that you will find our online store here to be a convenient alternative.

MFairy Mountain Farms at the Owens Valley Co-Op Market(Fairy Mountain Farms at the Owens Valley Growers Co-Op Market)

If you have purchased our goat milk lotions or soaps, we would greatly appreciate it if you would comment on this post and give us your feedback.

Also, we encourage anyone that has visited with us at a venue or on our website to please do the same for any suggestions for new lotions or soaps, or other goat milk skin care products.

We are really looking forward to hearing your feedback!