Fairy Mountain Farm's Goats

We started our dairy with a small (8) herd of award-winning Nubian goats, all of whom travelled quite a distance to join the herd.  The herd will be 24 does and 3 bucks by the Summer of 2016, and with another 8 does joining the following year to reach our full house of 32 does and 3 bucks.

Our herd is exclusively Nubian, which provides the quality of milk flavour, percentage of butterfat, milk proteins and sugars that give us the foundation for producing exceptional cheeses.

The goats live in a shaded paddock with enough space to support natural behavior, with a nutritious diet and a barn for shelter.
Our goats typically produce 1 gallon of milk per day (compared with the ½ gallon average that is typical), and the cheese yield from their milk is typically 1.5 pounds of cheese per gallon of milk.

While we don’t show our goats, their award-winning lineage and registration allows us to support local education in that the kids that are born each year can go to FFA and 4H families.

When our does get older and retire from the milking line, they will live out their days on the farm as store mascots and assisting with landscaping ...

Our Cheese Team


Peppy Kids DT Annabelle

Named in honor of our Dad,
Rev. Canon Gordon Yeaton Jr.

Annabelle is Thyme's daughter and is everyone's favorite.  She is quick to meet you, quite playful, and will certainly be among our most beautiful does as she gets older.


War Cry's Full Thyme

Thyme is in charge of the barn.  She loves attention, and nobody is going to get in the way of her being first in all things.  An award-winning goat before coming to the farm, Thyme is one of our biggest milk producers.



Rosie (named by Chloe Yeaton) is the youngest, with a cuteness factor that is off the chart.  She is Dakota's daughter, and begins each day with Goat Parkour - bouncing off of every possible surface available - she has been seen jumping several times her body height straight up!


Adelaida's Licorice

Licorice was also an award-winning goat, who came to the farm with Erika.  Statuesque, Licorice is our largest doe and our top milk producer.  She is very shy, and quite sweet once she gets to know you. She often likes to show her teeth in a smile when it is her turn to milk ...


Shady Oaks Erika

Our yelling goat!  When you visit the farm, the first thing that you will hear is a greeting from Erika.  Also an award-winner before coming to the farm, Erika is extremely friendly and never tires of attention.  Also a prolific milk producer, she has a lot to say ...



She is our little doe that gives us a surprising amount of milk.  She is very inquisitive and quick to accept newcomers, whether those are people or animals - she was Sabine's first friend in the barn.  Bella is also Dakota's daughter. 



Dakota was also an award-winner before coming to the barn, and she is our senior doe.  Dakota is imperturbable when milking, happy to eat everything, patient for healthcare, and stands guard at night.



Buttercream can be a little mischievous.  She is also Dakota's daughter, and it seems that Erika is helping her find her voice.  She is also a good milker, when she is not having her own private rodeo on the stanchion ...