Our USDA Goat Creamery

With the help of a micro loan from the Farm Services Agency, we are converting the farm and retail store buildings to our new goat creamery and store.

Our commercial building has become our Milking Parlor, Cheese Making Room, and our Country Store.

Visit and see how farmstead, artisanal cheese is made!

Plan a visit soon:

  • Watch our evening milking in the Milking Parlor
  • See the Cheese Making Room and learn how we make our goat cheeses
  • Taste our traditional and flavored Chèvre recipes
Meet Rosie

Our Farmstead, Artisanal Creamery

A farmstead creamery uses only milk from their own farm, and artisanal cheesemaking means that the cheese is hand-crafted.

Our cheesemaking begins with milk from our herd of award-winning, registered Nubian goats (American Diary Goat Association).  The quality of the milk is the most important factor in creating exceptional cheese.  The milk from our goats is simply delicious.

From this milk, we make fresh, soft Chèvre (cheese made from goat’s milk) that is smooth and creamy. Debbie Kiggens, our cheesemaker, uses this to hand-craft our variety of flavored Chèvre recipes:

  • Traditional - unflavored, showcasing the superb quality of the milk and the locally produced feed, fresh mountain air and water enjoyed by our goats.
  • Italian Garlic Lover's - locally grown, fresh, organic garlic from Onyx Family Farms is the secret.
  • Olive Crush - our spin on an Olive Tapenade.
  • Herbs de Fairy - our unique take on Herbs de Provence.
  • Honey Vanilla - from the same bees that love the watering buckets in the goat paddock.
  • Fairy Berry Blueberry - also in Strawberry or other seasonal, fresh, locally grown fruits.

To make our Chèvre, we pasteurize the goat milk, add Rennet and Flora Danica culture, bag the curd to drain the whey (which the pigs love), lightly salt, blend in spices, vegetables, honey, or fruit (if applicable), package and refrigerate.

Wherever possible, our creamery uses fresh, locally grown products.  Our flavored cheeses are made with locally grown, organic, farm-fresh fruits, honey, vegetables and spices.

Fresh, cool water comes from our own well, and our creamery is powered by our photovoltaic (grid-tie) solar system.

Visit the Creamery

Plan a visit to our farm for your next trip to the Kern River Valley.  We are conveniently located on Highway 178 in Weldon, and are open to the public Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

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